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Once upon a time in the South Carolina lowcountry two emotionally disturbed young men used to stand by a certain off-ramp in Charleston holding their handmade cardboard signs that read "Will Geek for Food!" From such humble beginnings rose the legend that we know today as Tuba Jim & Roy. After matriculating at the "Close Cover Before Striking School of Music and Heavy Machinery," the idealistic young Tuba Jim & Roy, still wet behind the ears from their first shower, set out into the world to make their fortunes. The first bar they stopped at, while understandably reluctant, agreed to let them sing a set after they got through washing the dishes. Now, as we all know , they sing four sets before, rather than after, washing the dishes. It just goes to show what a decade of determination, hard work, and a long series of antidepressants can do. Of course, that off-ramp is only a few blocks away.


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